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about hotel amerika

a hotel from the past and present.

Hotel Amerika has been an icon in Hoek van Holland and beyond since 1902. The history still speaks to the imagination. The hotel got in the news in the early 1900’s when it functioned as a shelter for drowned people. For years the hotel was known as a night club with a huge appeal to local visitors. Afterward it became a hotel again. But it wasn’t until the big renovation in 2019 that Hotel Amerika had regained its old allure. Not only on the inside, but on the outside as well. Here you can enjoy day and night, with the charm from the past and the comfort of the present. To spend the night, or to have lunch, dinner or a meeting. Visit and experience Hotel Amerika!

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the history of hotel amerika

the meeting place of hoek van holland.

The history of Hotel Amerika goes back to 1902. Quickly the hotel acquires national recognition: five years later the steamboat Berlin sinks in front of the coast of Hoek van Holland. 128 people were victims in the storm. On behalf of the Dutch royal family, Prince Hendrik came to visit Hotel Amerika, which was set up as an emergency hospital at the time. General practitioner Salomon Diamant from Hoek van Holland even received a high German award for his dedication for the survivors.

In times of war, it was the German soldiers that moved in. A bombardment later destroys 22 houses in the direct vicinity, but the hotel was spared. After the war a cinema was operated in the hotel. Senior citizens of Hoek van Holland also know the hotel from the yearly St. Nicholas celebration. And in the area surrounding Hoek van Holland, Hotel Amerika - at the time written with a ‘c’ - gains recognition as a night club. When every other place closed at 1 o’clock at night, this one had an additional section that had a night permit: up to 4 o’clock.

This infamous time is also coming to an end at the beginning of this century. after a troubling period, the building will be in 2018 in the hands of Dick Slingerland, an entrepreneur from Rotterdam known for alphatron, Linda Geers and Dennis van Dop, hospitality entrepreneurs of MIJN Torpedoloods. A new wind is blowing through Hotel Amerika and is being completely renovated. After more than a century, the ‘’ hotel ‘’ is once again the meeting place from the corner of Holland and far beyond!